In 1993 Daniel Ferrara, DO, FACEP, was driven by his passion for emergency medicine and desire to deliver the highest standards of care to his patients. It was in the city he loved---Long Island, New York---that Dr. Ferrara initiated the formation of our aptly named organization, Island Medical Management, and established successful partnerships with five New York area hospitals.

Dr. Ferrara had a vision to build a nationwide brand which patients, physicians, and hospital partners alike would associate with the highest quality of medicine. His intention was to surpass the conventional model of the national competition.

In 2012 Island Medical Management entered into a partnership with 4M Emergency, a like-minded organization based in Hudson, Ohio. 4M Emergency was a well-established physician management and billing company in Northeast Ohio, providing partnership to fourteen Ohio hospitals.

An additional opportunity for growth presented itself in 2014, in the form of a proposal to partner with another highly regarded regional organization, Pegasus Emergency Group. Pegasus had a strong footprint in the Southwest and Southeast regions of the country.

In 2015 our hospitalist division was enhanced through partnership with Aguirre Healthcare, a physician established hospitalist management group serving twenty-five facilities throughout the West Coast and Southern regions of the US. This union has provided a strengthened continuum of care between the IMM emergency department and hospitalist programs.

Today IMM is a physician led, privately held organization wholly owned by the founding physician members of Island Medical Management, 4M Emergency, Pegasus Emergency Group, and Aguirre Healthcare. Each of these physicians share the same patient centric values and is an intricate part of our day-to-day operations.

Our Story

Who We Are

IMM is a leading provider of physician management services in emergency departments and urgent care centers as well as hospitalist and integrated care programs. We pride ourselves in our unwavering commitment to serve our patients, partners, and people. We accomplish this through a careful selection of like-minded physician and mid-level providers who deliver the highest quality of care to the people within the communities they serve.

The cornerstone of our mission is our desire to have more than a “vendor” relationship with our partner hospitals. We make it our goal to become the very fabric of the community