Frequently Asked Questions

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IMM is a privately held and clinically led organization that is owned by our founding physicians.

IMM currently provides physician management and staffing services to more than 80 partnering programs throughout the United States, with over two million patient encounters each year.

Our partner hospitals range from large Level 1 trauma centers to small critical access hospitals, and include some of the most prestigious hospital systems across the country.

To best serve our client hospitals, IMM maintains headquarters within each region we service.

IMM Corporate Headquarters

350 Motor Parkway, Suite 309, Hauppauge NY 11788
(631) 514-7600

Midwest Regional Office

5700 Darrow Road, Suite 106, Hudson, OH 44236
(330) 655-5911

Southern Regional Office

100 Washington Street, Suite 102, Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 801-3108

West Coast Regional Office

111 West Telegraph, Suite 200, Carson City, NV 89703
(800) 405-4915

The underpinning architecture of the IMM organization is our shared commitment to serve our patients, partners, and people.
Patients | Clinical Excellence
  • Dedicated physician leadership
  • Metrics driven clinical operations
  • Actionable intelligence
  • Performance based provider compensation
Partners | Shared Goals
  • Ingrained in the fabric of our communities
  • What’s important to you?
  • Open communication with all stakeholders
  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Exceptional provider and client retention
  • Partner, not vendor, relationships
People | Bedrock of IMM
  • Organization culture supports provider involvement in our patient communities
  • Robust recruitment and retention
  • Providers live and work in the communities they serve
  • Investment in education and leadership
  • Teammate engagement in achieving excellent patient outcomes

IMM's scope of services has evolved throughout our more than 20 years of service in order to meet the needs of our hospital partners.

At current our scope of services includes…

  • Emergency Medicine Management and Staffing Services
  • Hospitalist Medicine Management and Staffing Services
  • Integrated Care Management and Staffing Services
  • Urgent Care Management and Staffing Services
  • Departmental Management Services
  • Billing and Coding Services

IMM is dedicated to the careful selection of our physician-leaders; final approval of all candidates is ultimately determined by your hospital’s leadership team.

Once a Medical Director is thoroughly vetted and approved, IMM will provide every tool necessary to ensure he or she is successful in their critically important role.

Some of these tools include…

  • Thorough onboarding processes
  • Island of Excellence leadership training program
  • Educational programming and resources
  • Medical Director communications program
  • Quality metrics reporting
  • Chart evaluation and peer review
  • Provider performance evaluations

Our recruiters spend time gaining a thorough knowledge of each hospital and community to whom they provide recruiting services. This includes an understanding of each department as well as hospital bylaws, credentialing processes, and requirements for each candidate presented to our partner hospitals.

In order to ensure excellent operations within the hospitals we serve, recruiting and retaining highly qualified medical providers is a top priority. IMM has established an excellent reputation within our industry---we are known for treating our providers like family.

IMM understands the importance of providing performance feedback to our employed clinicians. Our Medical Directors complete an annual evaluation of each medical provider and offer feedback on quality measures including:

  • Patient experience
  • Patient throughput time
  • Door to doc time
  • Core measures
  • Chart review
  • Medical staff and administration satisfaction

IMM has a philosophy of providing cost effective, compassionate patient care of the highest quality; embedded into the fabric of this care is the proper utilization of advanced practice providers. Our APPs can work in a variety of settings and are involved in vital departmental functions such as patient callbacks, data review, and community outreach.

We adhere to all state supervision and licensing requirements, but also make it a unique priority to investigate the local culture of each hospital regarding APP involvement. This is accomplished through discussions with your hospital staff and administration, and we carefully adhere to these standards as well.

Best practice standards are supported by the Medical Director, Regional Medical Director, and the IMM organization as a whole.

Documentation is monitored through billing and coding, and any deficiencies are shared through ActionCue. Action plans are developed to address any deficiencies.

IMM conducts educational programs during our quarterly Regional Medical Directors Meeting to provide our Medical Directors with ongoing updates and changes for core measures and CMS requirements.

Providing your community with outstanding care and an exceptional patient experience is at the very heart of what we do.

Patients view expertise in diagnosis and treatment as expected standards when receiving care in your emergency department or hospitalist program, but excellence in patient experience is not as common. Our ability to enhance the patient experience differentiates IMM from other physician management groups.

IMM’s affiliated companies have completed approximately 4.5M patient encounters over the past three years. During this period, our claims history has remained at less than one third of the national average.

Our providers are covered under a claims made policy with limits of $1M per occurrence and $3M aggregate with paid tail.

IMM is proud of our low claims history. We believe it is a direct reflection upon the quality of physicians we recruit to practice within our partner hospitals, and our focus on patient safety and satisfaction.

IMM’s wholly owned internal organization, 4M Billing Services, provides our hospital partners with comprehensive and fully compliant revenue cycle management for emergency services, hospitalist programs, urgent care centers, and house patients.

Using a variety of best-in-breed software application, 4M Billing Services delivers revenue cycle management of the highest quality to the partnering hospitals we serve. Our comprehensive documentation review process enhances hospital performance, increases profitability, and reduces regulatory risk.

Our General Counsel, Martin Trpis, Esq., is a full time employee of IMM. Mr. Trpis serves conjointly as the company’s Chief Compliance Officer. All providers and employees receive the IMM Corporate Compliance Program and are expected to understand and act in accordance with its provisions.

Our providers and employees have complete and unrestricted 24/7 access to the Chief Compliance Officer, and under appropriate circumstances can anonymously report instances of non-compliance and violations of policies, procedures, regulations, or laws.

Our billing and coding operations are fully compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. We employ two full-time and one part-time Information Technology specialists who design, establish, and monitor our use and maintenance of protected health information and financial privacy information in the course of our coding and billing operations via state-of-the-art hardware and software technology.

With our focus on maintaining the highest standards of securing privacy and protected health information, we have not had any successful incidents of intrusions, loss of data, or security breaches.
Our general startup timeframe is 90 - 120 days following a signed letter of intent. However, we understand that this timeframe can vary for many reasons. IMM will work diligently within the perimeters of your timeframe.

Our Executive VP of New Business Development, Marti Ditmyer, would welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding the current needs of your emergency department and hospitalist program.

Marti’s contact information is as follows:

Marti Ditmyer, Executive Vice President of New Business Development
Office Phone: (631) 299-2482 | Email: mditmyer@immh.com