Happy Patients, Better Outcomes

IMM understands that each patient’s experience can have an enormous impact on your hospital’s image. Patients view expertise in diagnosis and treatment as expected standards when receiving care in the emergency department or hospitalist program. Excellence in patient experience is not as common, and differentiates IMM from other groups.

Understanding what factors impact patient experience in your environment and focusing the team on these items is vital to excellence in medicine and patient care. Identifying and correcting any issues associated with physician leadership, augmenting teamwork, and improving patient throughput will not only provide an even stronger operational base but it will positively impact the patient experience.

The IMM leadership team coordinates with hospital administration to embrace the measurement provider they have chosen to gauge patient satisfaction. Our team identifies any existing issues associated with patient satisfaction and works diligently to correct these deficiencies. We uphold patient call back programs and provide continuous education and feedback to our providers.

Our providers’ patient satisfaction goals remain directly aligned with those of our partner hospitals.

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Increased Patient Satisfaction