Mapping Your Department for Efficiency

IMM understands each department must run efficiently in order to achieve optimal patient experience.

To achieve ideal efficiency, we implement a Process Improvement Team comprised of representatives from each staff within the department. Utilizing the LEAN methodology, this team “maps” the department from patient arrival to discharge or disposition. The Process Improvement Team will then prioritize areas in need of improvement and develop an action plan to expedite these changes. We find our utilization of the team concept promotes improved communication and strengthened relationships between the clinical and administrative staffs and providers.

In addition to addressing matters unique to each of our partner hospitals, our general departmental goals include:

  • Decreased patient wait times
  • Improved patient flow
  • Promotion of patient safety
  • Exceptional patient experience
  • Seamless coordination of care

In order to ensure the improvement of efficiencies within these areas, we prepare dashboard reports evaluating every individual provider’s performance. Our ActionCue Intelligence Reports are submitted to IMM administration teams, Medical Directors, and each provider on a monthly basis. These comprehensive reports offer a full understanding of every provider’s overall performance, and equip the IMM leadership team with the information needed to appropriately manage performance and ensure departmental success.

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Departmental Efficiencies