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Our innovative service lines exceed the expectations of both our partner hospitals and patients alike.

A patient’s first experience with your hospital oftentimes begins in the ED, and each individual patient experience has the potential to shape the public’s perception of your hospital. The quality and performance of your emergency medicine program is therefore not only a direct reflection of the department, it is also a reflection upon your hospital system as a whole. For this reason, an excellent patient experience and highly satisfied medical staff are paramount concerns of IMM. Your success is our success.

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We work collaboratively with our hospital partners to design hospitalist programs that deliver improved patient outcomes.

An IMM hospitalist program improves efficiencies and decreases costs through shorter length of stays, the reduction of medically unnecessary admissions and readmissions, and appropriate discharge planning. We make it our goal to strengthen communication between departments, improving patient coordination of care among all involved healthcare professionals including the medical and nursing staff.

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IMM has developed unique services for our lower volume community hospital partners. Our integrated care program, CustomSolutions, incorporates emergency medicine and hospitalist medicine into one single program, streamlining operations and allowing administration to seek solutions and accountability from a single source. This custom service delivers improved patient care while offering a cost effective solution for our partners.

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Utilization of urgent care medicine is on the rise due to growing concerns regarding the system-wide costs of treating patients in the ED, as well as the increasing caseloads of primary care physicians. At IMM we are skillfully proficient in providing excellent urgent care services; we understand the value a well-managed urgent care center brings to your community.

IMM sustains successful partnerships in both stand-alone urgent care facilities, and facilities owned by our partnering hospital systems. Our team can provide custom solutions for your urgent care management needs either as an unaccompanied program or in tandem with the management of your emergency department.

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IMM’s wholly owned internal organization, 4M Billing Services, provides our hospital partners with comprehensive and fully compliant revenue cycle management for emergency services, hospitalist programs, urgent care centers, and house patients.

Using a variety of best-in-breed software application, 4M Billing Services delivers revenue cycle management of the highest quality. Our comprehensive documentation review process enhances hospital performance, increases profitability, and reduces regulatory risk.

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