Comprehensive Compliant Billing Services

IMM’s wholly owned internal organization, 4M Billing Services, provides our hospital partners with comprehensive and fully compliant revenue cycle management for emergency services, hospitalist programs, urgent care centers, and house patients.

Using a variety of best-in-breed software application, 4M Billing Services delivers revenue cycle management of the highest quality. Our comprehensive documentation review process enhances hospital performance, increases profitability, and reduces regulatory risk.

Our in-house call center acts as an extension of IMM’s superior patient experience, providing a valuable resource for patients who have questions regarding their billing statements. In contrast to the off-shore operations of our competitors, our call center is located within the corporate office of IMM’s Midwestern Division. Our patients appreciate the accessibility, convenient hours of operation, and personable nature of our customer service department.

Managed care contracting is completed in-house by our executive staff. IMM works in concert with the executive teams of our partnering hospitals to maintain appropriate managed care contracting that promotes consistency and successful public relations. Meanwhile, IMM’s in-house credentialing department works directly with providers and hospital staff to ensure credentialing is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

4M Billing’s stringent compliance program incorporates every possible technical, physical, and administrative safeguard into each one of our policies.