Delivering Comprehensive Care, One Patient at a Time

In today’s healthcare climate, IMM understands how important the continuum of care is to your patient community. We work collaboratively with our hospital partners to design individualized hospitalist programs that deliver improved patient outcomes.

An IMM hospitalist program improves efficiencies and decreases costs through shorter length of stays, the reduction of medically unnecessary admissions and readmissions, and appropriate discharge planning. We make it our goal to strengthen communication between departments, improving patient coordination of care among all involved healthcare professionals including the medical and nursing staff.

IMM understands a strong hospitalist program is vitally necessary in order to effectively recruit excellent community-based primary care physicians to your hospital. We have established an excellent reputation among industry professionals and ensure our providers are scheduled in a manner that properly maintains an ideal life-work balance, increasing the overall performance and satisfaction of your medical staff. Our providers communicate directly with their fellow medical staff members in order to ensure our patients and their families receive outstanding care.

IMM offers a full range of hospitalist medicine services including:

  • Recruitment
  • Scheduling
  • Credentialing
  • Leadership cultivation and training
  • Department management
  • Complete billing services