A Single Source for Emergency and Hospitalist Medicine

IMM has developed unique services for our lower volume community hospital partners. Our integrated care program, CustomSolutions, incorporates emergency medicine and hospitalist medicine into one single program, streamlining operations and allowing administration to seek solutions and accountability from a single source. This custom service delivers improved patient care while offering a cost effective solution for our partners.

IMM will work in collaboration with your hospital’s executive team to understand the individual needs of your facility. Our CustomSolutions integrated care program is designed to foster strengthened communication between medical staff and referring physicians while offering enhanced consistency and quality of care, improved metrics, solution management for unassigned patients, excellent patient experience, and better patient outcomes.

We deploy innovative technologies within our emergency departments and hospitalist programs in order to manage data in real time, proactively identify potential issues, and create the best solutions for our partners.

IMM offers a full range of integrated care services including:

  • Recruitment
  • Scheduling
  • Credentialing
  • Leadership cultivation and training
  • Department management
  • Complete billing services